Australian Maths Trust

2023 AMT Programs and Key Dates

We look forward to you joining us in 2023. Here’s our calendar of programs, competitions and key dates for the year.

In 2023, to support you and your students’ participation and with upgrades to our competition delivery, we offer you:

    • Free collated preparation problem bundles for CAT and AMC via Problemo in the weeks leading up to the competition,
    • Practice questions via the our student practice portal,
    • Single past papers offered for free (AMC),
    • Increased flexibility for teachers to make changes to their student lists and details,
    • Faster resulting and award times through either online or scan-at-source marking,
    • Free solutions for registered schools,
    • Worked solution videos by Mike Clapper, Chair of the AMC Problems Committee, for all AMC problems available via Problemo, and
    • Our awards framework.

Here’s our calendar of programs and key dates for 2023. We look forward to you joining us throughout the year.