AMT and Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers sign MoU | Australian Maths Trust

AMT and Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers sign MoU

AAMT President Jurek Paradowski (left) and AMT CEO Nathan Ford at the recent signing of the MoU between the organisations.

The Australian Maths Trust (AMT) and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on 26 March 2019 to facilitate closer collaboration between the two organisations. The MoU paves the way for a strong partnership between AMT and AAMT that will better support teachers and students in mathematics education.

AMT has a wealth of resources to support mathematical problem solving, investigations, computational and algorithmic thinking. The AMT programs and competitions are renowned across Australia for challenging teachers and students in their mathematical skills at all levels.

AAMT and its state and territory affiliated associations provide professional learning programs for mathematics teachers, resources for the classroom, advice and support for schools in numeracy, mathematics and STEM, and work with government and other stakeholders to advance mathematics education. Working together, AMT and AAMT hope to bring teachers and students a richer range of resources and programs that will support the development of mathematical skills in and beyond the curriculum and their application to investigative and problem-solving tasks. Through this, students of all abilities will gain confidence in applying mathematics to real-world scenarios and may aspire to study maths at higher levels.

AMT and AAMT share the view that support for the professional development of mathematics teachers is critical to improving the uptake and performance of students in mathematics in schools in Australia. AMT and AAMT will work with government and other stakeholders to promote this view and ensure teaching is a priority for investment and support.