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AMT Inspiring Student and Teacher Awards

It’s time for the Australian Maths Trust (AMT) to celebrate the achievements of our Australian students and teachers for 2019. We are seeking nominations for our 2019 AMT Inspiring Student and AMT Teacher Awards in each state. Further details on the AMC Awards criteria can be found here:

The AMT Inspiring Student Award is awarded to an Australian high-school student who participated in the 2019 AMC and who inspires and supports their peers in the learning and enjoyment of mathematics/algorithmics. The nomination must detail how the student has inspired the school/class and demonstrated exceptional personal attributes in dealing with others. (One nomination per school).

The AMT Teacher Award, recognises an outstanding contribution in the teaching of mathematics/algorithmics within the Australian school community. This person would have involved their class in at least one of the AMT’s competitions or programs, and would have assisted in other ways to inspire and encourage students and staff. This award is not directly linked to school performance in AMT competitions; it will take into account how the person has shaped and influenced the teaching environment. (One nomination per school).

Schools can nominate in one or both categories. Nominations must be registered by a teacher, head of Maths or Principal. This person will be the point of contact for all communication relating to the nomination/s.

Anyone can nominate a teacher for an AMT Teacher Award and teachers may self-nominate. However, the nomination must be endorsed by the candidate’s School Principal. The principal’s email address must be supplied allowing AMT to get School Principal endorsement.

Nominations close on 7 October 2019.