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IMO 2019 team places 18th in the world

This month we sent six incredible young men to represent Australia at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Bath, United Kingdom and they have done their country proud.

Now that the team is back on home soil, we are celebrating another brilliant result, with the team receiving two gold medals, one silver and three bronze medals, placing Australia 18th in the world.

This year’s IMO involved 621 competitors, with William Steinberg (28th) and Hadyn Tang (48th) both receiving gold medals and placing in the top 50 competitors. James Bang (silver), Preet Patel (bronze), Andres Buritica Monroy (bronze) and Yasiru Jayasooriya (bronze) rounded out the Australian’s medal haul.

AMT CEO Nathan Ford said it was another stellar effort. A really wonderful result and proof once again of how strong our Olympiad program is and continues to be.”


William Steinberg received a score of 34: Gold medal

Hadyn Tang received a score of 31: Gold medal

James Bang received a score of 27: Silver medal

Preet Patel received a score of 23: Bronze medal

Andres Buritica Monroy received a score of 22: Bronze medal

Yasiru Jayasooriya received a score of 17: Bronze medal


Prior to the IMO exams, the team competed against England’s finest in the traditional Ashes clash. Australia successfully defended the Ashes, winning 104-77. Check out the journey.