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Celebrations and wise words shared at AOTA 2019

Monday 24 July was a time of celebration for 27 students who were announced as Australia’s representatives for this year’s international mathematics and science Olympiads at the Australian Olympiad Team Announcement (AOTA) held at Parliament house. These students have spent hundreds of hours in preparation to be selected to take on the world’s best.

Proud parents, teachers and supporters sat on the edge of their seats to see the students officially announced as Australian representatives in informatics and mathematics, along with biology, chemistry, Earth science and physics.

Special guests from those fields shared their insights into the true value of these important STEM fields.

Associate Professor Rowena Ball reminded us, “…Maths is dance, maths is poetry, maths is music and song. Doing maths and mathematical thinking are universal human imperatives across all societies and cultures. It’s as natural and intrinsic to our humanity as doing art and is as ancient.”

The event was a celebration of the achievements of these intelligent young adults, and their chance to mould a positive future through ingenuity, creativity, and determination.

This year the informatics team made history, proudly announcing three new members who have never participated in the Informatics Olympiad entrance exam before. Informatics team leader Josh Lau spoke of the long road to being an Olympian. “It is a testament to their hard work to succeed and to learn,” he said.

Australia’s Informatics Olympiad Team will be flying Baku, Azerbaijan from 4-11 August. Azerbaijan Ambassador, Eljan Habibzade was able to attend the event and share his excitement with the team by giving them an Australian and Azerbaijan flag pin.

Congratulations to:

  1. Angus Ritossa (year 12, South Australia)
  2. Tunan Shi (year 11, Victoria)
  3. Ryan Wang (year 11, Australian Capital Territory)
  4. Timmy Yao (year 12, New South Wales)













In mathematics, this year’s mathematics team are eager to take down England on there in the mathematics Ashes later this year at the Olympiads.

Australia’s Mathematics Olympiad Team 2019:

  1. James Bang (year 12, New South Wales)
  2. Andres Buritica Monroy (year 10, Victoria)
  3. Yasiru Jayasooriya (year 11, New South Wales)
  4. Preet Patel (year 12, Victoria)
  5. William Steinberg (year 11, Western Australia)
  6. Hadyn Tang (year 10, Victoria)