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All-female Australian team to head to Georgia for 2024 European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

All-female Australian team to head to Georgia for 2024 European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

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The 2024 European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) Australian team has been announced, with four female high school students heading to Georgia to compete from 11-17 April 2024.

“We are thrilled to announce this year’s EGMO team. Three of our students helped our Australian team place third overall at EGMO in 2023 and will compete again in 2024. This is a testament to these students’ hard work and perseverance, as well as the incredible support they get from their family, schools and our Olympiad team, particularly the Team Leader Sally Tsang and the Deputy Team Leader Dana Ma,” said Nathan Ford, CEO of the Australian Maths Trust (AMT).

The team hopes to equal or better their 2023 performance where they finished third overall for the second year in a row. The four mathematically talented young women selected are returning twin sisters Iris Xu and Cloris Xu in Year 12 at Baulkham Hills High School, New South Wales; Laura Nan, in Year 11 at Fintona Girls’ School in Victoria, who achieved a perfect score and gold medal in the 2023 EGMO; and new team member Amber Li in Year 10 at Pymble Ladies’ College, New South Wales.

Having achieved a gold medal at EGMO in 2022 and 2023, and an honourable mention at the 2023 International Mathematical Olympiad, Iris Xu gave some insight as to why she enjoys maths and mathematical competitions so much.

“My passion for mathematics stems from a keen interest in problem-solving and understanding its impact on the world. I find satisfaction in overcoming challenging problems, and exploring the positive influence such skills can have on society. The possibility of meeting people [at EGMO] who share the same interest as me is exciting, and it’s also great to have a chance to form lasting connections that extend beyond the event,” said Iris.

This is the seventh year that Australia will be represented at EGMO, the premier international mathematical problem-solving contest for young women. In a similar style to the International Mathematical Olympiad, two papers will be taken on consecutive days. Participating countries send teams consisting of four female mathematicians of school age.

“While our teams always want to perform their best for the competition, EGMO is about so much more – a chance for young women to meet their international peers and form relationships that will last a lifetime. Above all, after the hard work they’ve all put in, it’s time for Amber, Cloris, Iris and Laura to have fun and enjoy the challenge and inspiration of mathematical problem-solving,” said Mr Ford.

This year’s EGMO staffing team will be led by Sally Tsang, a medical doctor and strong mathematician who is involved with AMT’s high-performance pathway as a lecturer and mentor.

AMT’s 2024 EGMO initiative is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources through the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme. It is also supported by the Trust’s National Sponsor of the Australian Informatics and Mathematical Olympiad Programs, Optiver.

For more information on EGMO 2024 visit https://egmo2024.ge/.

For more information on AMT visit https://www.amt.edu.au/.


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The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad Australian team for 2024 comprises:

Laura Nan – Year 11, Fintona Girls School, VIC

  • Perfect score and gold medal, EGMO 2023.
  • Gold medal, AMOC Senior Contest (ASC) 2023.
  • Silver medal, Australian Mathematical Olympiad (AMO) 2022.
  • Peter O’Halloran Award and Cheryl Praegar Award at the Australian Mathematics Competition, 2023.
  • Laura’s advice to aspiring young mathematicians is to never let impostor syndrome get you down. Always believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to face challenges. The important thing is that you’re here now and so you may as well enjoy it. And make some friends along the way.
  • While Laura is enjoying her school years right now, she hasn’t really thought about what she wants to achieve after school, but hopes there’ll be maths involved.

Cloris Xu – Year 12, Baulkham Hills High, NSW

  • Australian representative at EGMO 2023 and 2022.
  • Australian representative at the International Mathematical Olympiad 2023.
  • Cloris enjoys maths because she finds the process of solving complex math problems to be extremely rewarding and satisfying.
  • In future, she plans to apply her skills in mathematics to solving urgent real-world problems like climate change, and would invest her efforts into projects of these kinds, collaborating with people from other fields.
  • This is her last year participating in EGMO, and she looks forward to the opportunity to meet and know more young female mathematicians from all over the world, to exchange and share our different perspectives on maths.

Iris Xu – Year 12, Baulkham Hills High, NSW

  • Gold medal, EGMO 2023.
  • Bronze medal, Asian Pacific Mathematical Olympiad (APMO) 2023.
  • Gold medal, EGMO 2022.
  • Bronze medal, APMO 2022.
  • The thing Iris loves the most about maths stems from a keen interest in problem-solving and understanding its impact on the world. She finds satisfaction in overcoming challenging problems, and exploring the positive influence such skills can have on society.
  • In the future, she wants to delve deeper into various mathematical fields, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject on a university level. She believes that such a pursuit will foster her personal growth and open doors to a diverse range of applications of mathematics.

Amber Li – Year 10, Pymble Ladies’ College NSW

  • Gold medal, AMO 2023.
  • Gold medal, ASC 2023.
  • Amber likes maths because of the beauty that emerges when everything fits together. Seeing and generalising patterns, and slowly getting to understand the structure and ideas behind a seemingly complicated problem, is very satisfying and rewarding.
  • Amber’s already planning on studying pure mathematics and moving into research in mathematics or applied maths, such as maths, physics, or biomedical research.
  • Her advice to aspiring female mathematicians is not to worry whether you ‘have the talent’, and don’t be discouraged by failure. Mathematics is hard and it’s natural to struggle, do badly, then try again (she has spent countless hours doing this, and so has practically every successful student). Hard work and a love of maths are the truly important things that will help you achieve your goals. It might sometimes feel like nobody around you is on the same journey, but that’s not true – there are many girls all around Australia and in the world who are interested in mathematics. Keep pursuing your interests, and you’ll find a great community.