Letter from an AMT parent | Australian Maths Trust

Letter from an AMT parent

Dear Australia Mathematics Trust,

In year 6, it was evident our mathematically gifted boy had come to hate maths, the direct result of an educational approach geared towards ensuring no mathematical building blocks are missed—fine for most children, but not appropriate to the genuinely gifted child and their need for the challenge. What really saddened us was the impact on him as a person—maths had long been part of his identity and something he felt good about.

Enter the AMT—a tutor of gifted children put us onto AMT representative, who runs extension maths classes and allowed our son to begin attending extension maths classes a year early. Our son’s world changed. He had maths problems to excite his brain, maths gurus to inspire him, peers he could relate to and older students he could admire. Through the AMT, he found his maths and his people.

Come year 9, our son loves maths and there is no going back. He knows that there is a world of maths challenges, a world mathematical stage,  and no shortage of brilliant people to support and guide him.

I have tears in my eyes from writing this. The AMT has done so much for our son, though he will probably never quite understand just how much. I am forever grateful to the AMT and the generosity of the people involved.



*Out of respect for this family, AMT has honoured their request to keep their identity private. AMT was honoured to hear about their powerful experience.