Welcome Problemo

Problemo – our new online resource for teachers and students in pilot phase

The pilot release of Problemo was launched on 28 April 2020. Problemo is the Australian Maths Trust’s (AMT’s) new online resource for teachers. The pilot release has more than 150 problems (for teachers of Years 5-6) prepared by the same educators and academics that design the highly-regarded Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).

Each problem is classified for ease of searching, aligned to the Australian Curriculum, and complete with enabling and extending prompts, and solutions. Problemo gives teachers AMT-authored lesson cards and allows them to create their own. Teachers can easily download PDFs of problems, display them digitally for classroom use, and create online quizzes for students, with results displaying in the teacher platform.

There are 95 schools, across Australia and New Zealand, using Problemo as part of the 10-week pilot program and from the responses to  the first user experience survey were overwhelmingly positive.

Activity has already started to expand Problemo to cater for teachers of Years 3-10. This involves adding problems, developing more lesson cards, and improving the site’s features based on feedback from pilot participants.

Feedback from Problemo pilot participants:

‘The problems are wide enough to allow ALL students to access the same problem – especially with the enabling and extending prompts.  The students are engaged, and they are showing a higher persistence and resilience to problem solving.’  – Fiona, Primary Classroom Teacher, Tasmania

‘Not many resources have filled me with as much excitement as this one. I congratulate all who have been involved in its development.’

‘This project is a great service to the maths teaching community. I’m looking forward to seeing the platform grow.’

Problemo Discovery Series

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on classroom learning, the Problemo team accelerated the development of a Problemo student area to give students access to quizzes and instructional videos during Term 2, anywhere and at any time. It was an incredible team effort to get the inaugural Problem Student ‘Discovery Series’ up and running with particular thanks to Mike Clapper, Chris Wetherell, and our volunteers: Lei Bao, Rachel Theunissen, and Emily Peterson.

The Discovery Series is a series of free weekly quizzes for years 3-10 students. Each week, an introductory video introduces a theme, and students are given six problems to solve – each complete with tips, solutions, and a video of an AMT presenter solving the problem.

This Series has been incredibly popular, attracting over 4,000 visitors on its first day and 11,000 visitors in its first week.

It is an exciting time for the AMT to be sharing our content through Problemo, for both teachers and students, at a time when quality online resources have never been more important.

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