Teachers! Prizes to give away for entries in the 2018 Australian Mathematics Competition

Only 3 months until the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)!

The AMC is much more than just one day in the year. We specifically design our material to help mathematics teachers around Australia engage their students before and after the competition day.

This year, we need your help!

We have one simple goal: to make our competition bigger than the awesome achievement of 2017.
To achieve this big goal, we need each and every school to help us grow the competition.

What do we need from you?

Last year your school may have entered students in the AMC. We’re wondering … can you get more students involved in Australia’s largest school competition?

What is in it for you?

For every 5 students above your 2017 number, your school will earn one entry into our prize draw.

  • First prize is a free AMT 2 hour Workshop for either teachers or students delivered to your school by our Chief Mathematician (valued at $3,500).
  • Second Prize is MCYA Enrichment material for 2019 for up to 50 students (valued at $2,100).
  • Third Prize is free entry into the 2019 AMC for up to 100 students (valued at $650).

Help us achieve our goal. Engage your students.


The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is one of Australia’s largest school-based mathematics competitions. The AMC is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives; it is open to students in years 3 to 12.

Australia’s leading educators and academics, with a deep understanding of our national curriculum standards, actively design the unique AMC problems each year.

The AMC is run by teachers in schools. We offer ongoing support and resources prior to and on the day of the competition. The competition is available in two modes: online and paper.