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The Australian Maths Trust runs a range of unique competitions and programs to inspire, extend, and recognise mathematical understanding for primary and secondary students. Each year we run six unique competition events and two long form in-school programs for hundreds of thousands primary and secondary students in Australia and around the world.

Our flagship competition, the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), has been delivered in Australian and international schools since 1978, engaging generations of young people in the joy of maths and problem solving.

Our Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition focusses on the development of problem-solving skills through algorithmic thinking.

We also run longer, more challenging competitions for talented students. The Australian Informatics Olympiad (AIO) and the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) are 3 and 4 hours respectively and results are used to identify students to be invited to participate in the AMT’s high-performance programs.

Maths Challenge and Maths Enrichment are problem-solving programs delivered by teachers over a period of weeks to engage and extend students’ mathematical understanding.

All the problems in our competitions and programs are uniquely crafted each year by our expert mathematicians and maths teachers to challenge and engage your students.

The AMT also delivers world-renowned international mathematics and computing competitions including the Oxford University Computing Challenge and Kangourou san Frontiers, an French maths competition inspired by our very own AMC, that now reaches more than six million young people each year.

Competitions Registration

Th 30 March 2023

A 60 to 75 minute online maths competition for Years 3 to 12. Inspired by the AMC, KSF is now the largest maths competition in the world.

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Tu 2 – th 4 May 2023

A 60 minute problem-solving competition for years 5 to 12, designed to encourage curiosity and multiple modes of thinking.

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R1: th 25 May 2023 R2: th 8 Jun 2023

A 60 minute online programming competition to develop skills in computational thinking. Second round is by invitation to those who performed well in the first round. 

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we 2 – fr 4 August 2023

A 60 to 75 minute maths competition for Years 3 to 12. Australia’s longest running, largest and most well known maths competition.

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Open March – June 2023

A maths extension program for Years 3 to 10, delivered by teachers over 3 to 4 weeks in a classroom setting.

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Open April – October 2023

A maths extension program suitable for Years 4 to 10, delivered over 12 to 16 weeks with extension material additional to the curriculum.

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th 24 August 2023

A 3 hour online programming competition suitable for students Year 7 to 12 with coding skills. 

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th 7 September 2023

A 4 hour maths competition to recognise and stretch talented students in Years 7 to 10 with complex mathematical problem solving. 

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AMT’s open competitions and programs are available to all primary and secondary school students in Australia and New Zealand. Most are also available internationally.

To register your students, you must be a teacher or staff member of a registered school, home school or coaching clinic.

Home schools, coaching clinics and international schools should contact competitions@amt.edu.au to register with us.

Students wanting to try our unique maths content can go to our free Problemo Student Portal or purchase past papers from our online shop


All prices are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of Australian GST.

Individual pricing

NameCost per student
Open to
Kangourou sans Frontières (KSF)


*only available as a bundle

Years 3 to 12
Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)8.00Years 3 to 12
Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO)21.00Years 7 to 10
Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT)8.00Years 5 to 12
Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC)8.00Years 5 to 12
Australian Informatics Olympiad (AIO)21.00Years 7 to 12
Maths Challenge



Years 3 to 6

Years 7 to 10

Maths Enrichment50.00Years 4 to 10

Bundle pricing


Cost per student


Open to
KSF and AMC10.00Years 3 to 12
OUCC and CAT12.50Years 5 to 12
CAT and AMC12.50Years 5 to 12
KSF, CAT and AMC14.50Years 5 to 12

Payment options

Teachers can pay at the time of ordering via credit card or we can send an invoice to your school.

Make sure you provide the correct email details for the billing contact.

Making an order

To place an order and register your students, you will need to log into the teacher administration portal.

If you are a new customer you will first need to register. We will verify your credentials and approve your account.

Only teachers and staff at a verified school, home school or coaching clinic can register students in our competitions.

Key dates

CompetitionDelivery datePaper entries closeOnline Entries close* Student answer sheets due (printed delivery)* Late answer sheets due (printed delivery)
KSFTh 30 March 2023NAWe 29 MarchNANA
AMCWe 2 – Fr 4 August 2023

Fr 14 July 2023 NT, QLD, SA, WA

Fr 21 July 2023 ACT, NSW, VIC

Mo 1 AugustWe 9 August 2023Fr 1 September 2023
AIMOTh 7 September 2023NATh 31 AugustFr 8 September 2023Fr 15 September 2023
CATTu 2 – Thursday 4 May 2023

Fr 7 April 2023 NT, QLD, SA, WA

Fr 14 April 2023 ACT, NSW, VIC

Mo 1 MayTu 9 May 2023Fr 2 June 2023
OUCCRound 1: Th 25 May 2023
Round 2: Th 8 June 2023
AIOTh 24 August 2023NAWe 23 AugustNANA
Maths ChallengeMarch – June 2023NANAFr 23 June 2023Fr 14 July 2023
Maths EnrichmentApril – October 2023NANAFr 20 October 2023Fr 10 November 2023
KSF and AMC bundleMarch and August 2023NAWe 29 MarchAs per above for each competitionAs per above for each competition
CAT and OUCC bundleMay and June 2023

Fr 7 April 2023 NT, QLD, SA, WA

Fr 14 April 2023 ACT, NSW, VIC

Mo 1 MayAs per above for each competitionAs per above for each competition
CAT and AMC bundleMay and August 2023

Fr 7 April 2023 NT, QLD, SA, WA

Fr 14 April 2023 ACT, NSW, VIC

Mo 1 MayAs per above for each competitionAs per above for each competition
KSF, CAT and AMC bundleMarch, May and August 2023NAWe 29 MarchAs per above for each competitionAs per above for each competition

* Student answer sheets received by AMT after the submission deadline will be processed at the end of the corresponding school term or at the end of the school year.


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