We design our competitions and programs to help students to become better problem solvers in school, so they can be creative solution finders in life.

Our core passion is finding new and stimulating ways to help young Australians become creative problem solvers. And we believe that enjoying the challenge of maths is the most effective way to get them there.

Our competitions and programs are the key way for you to help us achieve this mission.

Every day our dedicated mathematicians work to create challenges for students to practise on, so they’ll be prepared for a future full of real-world problems—problems that’ll need ingenuity, creativity, and determination to solve.

Our high-quality maths challenges are then embedded into a range of offerings, from annual events like the internationally recognised Australian Mathematics Competition to programs that run over a series of weeks.

We have individual competitions and programs that focus on maths, information science, algorithmic thinking, information and communication technology, and developing girls in STEM subjects. Better still, we have great resources (practice papers and program materials) so you can integrate them into your daily teaching activities.

We work to make sure that competition and program participants are recognised for their efforts, with a select number even having the chance to progress to local and international representation in both maths and informatics. Here is a list of all the awards, prizes and certificates available across all our competitions.


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All Australian and New Zealand schools

All Australian and New Zealand schools including registered home schools

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All Australian and New Zealand coaching clinics and businesses

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This competition reaches a global audience and attracts more than 250,000 entries each year. It's open to students in years 3–12.

This four-hour competition is designed to identify computer programming potential and is suitable for in year 5–12.

This is a one-hour problem-solving competition designed to promote multiple modes of thinking.

This is a program for years 3–10, run over three to four consecutive weeks between March and early June.

For advanced students in years 4–10, this program can be run over 12–16 weeks between April and October.

This competition is designed to stretch talented students (suitable for year 10 level and below).


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