Australian Maths Trust


As a teacher, you play an important role in developing the solution finders of the future.

Together, teachers and the AMT can work to stimulate and encourage young Australians to enjoy the challenge of maths and become creative problem solvers.

Our competitions and programs are the key way for you to help us achieve this mission.

We embed these tailor-made maths challenges into a range of offerings, from annual events like the internationally recognised Australian Mathematics Competition to teacher-led programs that run over a series of weeks.

We have numerous and accessible resources available to support you in your role, including publications and specifically designed teacher resources.

So share your passion for maths and inspire your students to reach their potential. See Problemo our teaching resource platform for more details.

Develop problem-solving strategies in years 3-10 with the Maths Challenge.

Looking for some precoding problems, why not investigate the CAT?

Build your students’ confidence with maths by using our problem sets to prepare for the AMC.


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Our competitions and programs empower students to become better problem solvers in school, so they can be creative solution finders in life.