Australian Maths Trust


Our modular program gives you innovative ways to motivate young people in maths and create the next generation of imaginative problem solvers.

Are you looking for interesting ways to vary learning activities and nurture those ‘beautiful minds’ in maths? If so, our Maths for Young Australians program has something for you.

The program caters to a wide range of abilities—from challenges that introduce basic problem-solving concepts to entire classrooms, through to enrichment studies for students who really shine in maths.

Maths for Young Australians is a great way to give your students a fresh and fun experience in maths, while meeting curriculum standards, and we give you all the support materials you’ll need to make running the modules easy.

The program offers three modules that can be taken independently of each other or as a progressive course.

Maths Challenge is an introductory module designed for students in years 3–10 to work either individually or in small groups, while Maths Enrichment is for more advanced students in years 4–10.

The third module is the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad. This 4-hour contest is an open event and is generally designed for students who have performed well in the Maths Challenge and/or Maths Enrichment modules.

The Maths for Young Australians program was previously known as the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA).

This 3 to 4 week program, held between March and June, can be adapted to student ability and helps teachers introduce problem-solving strategies through working in small groups.

This 12–16 week module, held flexibly between April and September, is for more advanced and self-motivated students, with teachers guiding course work to foster talent.

This one-hour competition is designed to identify computer-programming potential and is suitable for students ranging from year 5 to year 12.

Suitable for students in years 3–12, this school-based maths competition reaches a global audience and attracts more than 250,000 entries each year.

Combining two residential camps (December and July) with individual mentoring, this invitational program is for girls in years 8–10 who have shown potential in STEM subjects.